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Stock Car Racing DVDs

Stock Car and Banger Racing DVDs by Impact Videos

Impact videos currently video the events at Kings Lynn Adrian Flux Arena and Mildenhall Stadium. Using modern cameras and editing software, as well as our creativity, we capture the full events from start to finish. Each DVD features a walk around the pits before racing starts to show the cars beforehand, and the special events also feature an introduction action sequence to give you a taste of what is to come. Then all the races are shown in full, a majority of the time we have live event race commentary and on screen race results at the end of each race. For Banger events and championships, we edit a highlights sequence at the end with all the crashes edited together. Please view the various pages of the stock car racing DVD store using the menu on the left of the page but here are a few direct links to the most popular pages: RECOMMENDED FILMS a selection of new and back catalogued DVDs that are very well recommended CRASH DVDS our crash videos with all the seasons highlights edited together that also includes our away days to other tracks COMPILATIONS these are various other stock car and racing team profile videos KINGS LYNN 2019 the latest events from the Adrian Flux Arena MILDENHALL 2019 the latest events from Mildenhall Stadium 2018 EVENTS the page to view our events filmed during 2018 We are a freelance video production company so if your event needs video coverage, please contact us and we may be able to help