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Promotional Videos & Website Design

Promotional Videos and Website Design

As well as event filming of car racing and weddings, Impact Videos can also produce specially designed promotional videos for existing business and services.

Do you run a business or provide a service that could benefit from a promo video?

Almost every business could see a promotional video be a benefit to help advertise the product or service. We can discuss the exact ideas, budget and design as each video varies in cost but competitive rates are guaranteed.

Need a video to promote your business on Social Media or your website?

We can film and edit short advert films and export on various file formats for use on social media like Facebook or for adding into your website. Everything from short adverts, to full films detailing your work or service. Also how to videos can be filmed for youtube channels. We can also produce DVDs or Blu-Rays for promotional work at shows and conferences. An example of a short promotional video can be seen here and here Website Design In addition to video production, we can also design, host and manage websites for existing business too. Using reliable and ‘advert free’ hosting that allows you to have a specific domain name, e-mail address and web space. We can add all the information need to advertise your work, add links to social media and e-bay shops if needed and can manage the site if needed too. Website Design Cost? As with promotional videos, the cost designing and hosting websites will vary depending how many pages and links the site has. And also if it needs to be managed or just hosted. A basic website with up to 6 pages, various images, text and links would be£250 designed and hosted for the first year. Then a yearly hosting fee of£75 per year after that. Should the site generate more traffic and need extra pages, the cost may be more but please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. We can take digital photographs for you, or work with images you provide. We will also offer discounts on a website and promotional video together, this can be added into the site and promoted on social media like Facebook. An example of an Impact designed website can be seen here Digital Photography
We can also take digital photography of various items and landscapes if needed, for example if you are selling a car and need some good quality photos of it for the advert. Or photography for promotional shows, websites and other adverts. Some examples of our photography can be seen below.

Other events filming and freelance

Have an event that needs film coverage? We are here to help film various events and conferences. We have a pool of high definition and 4K cameras, tripods microphones boom mics and go-pro cameras to film may different events. We can also do freelance work as an additional camera, either with our own equipment or with cameras provided, for example if you have a film or event planned and need an extra camera angle, we are happy to help. Please contact us for more details on any of these services